Automatics axle suspension (hydropneumatic)

  • We can offer all our trailed sprayers with a suspended axle.
  • This suspension works by means of hydraulic cylinders, that work on nitrogen accumulators.
  • An electronic control ensures that the suspension works great with a full tank, as well as with an empty tank.
  • A sensor screens for the middle of the cylinder, so the suspension remains at max.
  • Both of these cylinders operate simultaneously, so that no extra swinging movements are passed on to the spray boom.
  • You can operate the suspension manually as well as automatically.

vering 1

vering 2

vering 3

Tiller suspension (hydropneumatic)

  • On the Python, there’s an option to equip the tiller with a hydropneumatic suspension.
  • The control happens manually via the control unit of the tractor.
  • In combination with the axle suspension, the sprayer is now fully suspended, which makes for a very comfortable handling.
  • The drawbar for Python is for lower assembly only. The operation happens manually by means of the control unit of the tractor.


disselvering 1


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